Hand Carved Pocket Guardian Angel Figurine - 1.5" High-Quality, Intricate Design

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Hand Carved Pocket Guardian Angel Figurine - 1.5" High-Quality, Intricate Design

Introducing our exquisite Hand Carved Pocket Guardian Angel Figurine, the perfect companion to bring comfort and protection wherever you go. Crafted with intricate details and made from high-quality materials, this beautiful figurine is a true testament to craftsmanship.

The hand-carved design of this pocket guardian angel figurine showcases its authenticity and adds a touch of charm. Carry this 1.5" sculpture with you or place it on your shrine room or altar to create a harmonious atmosphere.

Looking for a thoughtful gift? Our handmade guardian angel sculptures make for a unique and decorative present. They are crafted with love and care, adding an authentic touch to any space.

But this figurine isn't just for decoration. Encourage your loved ones to offer a personal message or prayer to their guardian angel for protection and guidance. This symbolic gesture can bring them comfort and a sense of peace.


  • Hand-carved for authenticity
  • Made from high-quality materials

With this 1.5" Hand Carved Pocket Guardian Angel Figurine, you receive not only a beautiful decorative piece but also a symbol of love and care. Its compact size makes it perfect for carrying wherever you go, ensuring protection is always by your side.

Package includes:

  • 1 Hand Carved Pocket Guardian Angel Figurine

Invest in this hand-carved pocket guardian angel figurine to experience its beauty and find solace in the protection it offers. Add a touch of spirituality to your life with this remarkable piece.

  • Size: 1.5" (38x27x12mm) Approximate
  • Weight: 15g-35g

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