Kyanite Ball Healing Stone - Align Chakras, Boost Energy | 60-65g, 32-35mm

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Kyanite Ball Healing Stone - Align Chakras, Boost Energy

Enhance your meditation practice and attune your energy with the powerful Kyanite Ball Healing Stone. This stunning crystal instantly aligns all of your chakras and subtle bodies, promoting balance and harmony within your being.

Immerse yourself in the calming energy of Kyanite as it gently moves through your physical body, dispelling blockages and promoting a sense of tranquility. With this healing stone by your side, you'll feel a renewed sense of calm and serenity.

But that's not all - Kyanite also offers a range of other benefits:

  • Encourages the development of psychic abilities and enhances communication on all levels
  • Clears away negative emotions like anger, frustration, confusion, and stress, allowing for clearer and more logical thinking

Experience a boost of energy and perseverance as Kyanite stimulates your inner strength, supporting you in all your endeavors. This incredible crystal even helps you connect with your spirit guides, providing guidance and wisdom along your spiritual journey.

Not only does Kyanite offer metaphysical benefits, but it is also a self-cleansing stone. Along with Citrine, it is one of the only minerals on the planet that doesn't accumulate or retain negative energy.

With its unlimited applications, Kyanite is an essential tool for any crystal enthusiast. Use it to cleanse and clear other crystals, amplifying their energy and maximizing their potential.

Each Kyanite Ball Healing Stone weighs between 60-65g and measures approximately 32-35mm. Alternatively, we offer a smaller size weighing 35-40g and measuring 29-30mm.

Please note that the wooden bracket is not included with your purchase.

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