Strawberry Crystal Healing Stone - 100% Natural Quartz for Heart Chakra Healing

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Strawberry Crystal Healing Stone - 100% Natural Quartz for Heart Chakra Healing

The Strawberry Crystal Healing Stone is a powerful and captivating crystal that embodies a profound love vibration. With its strong energy, it stimulates a continuous flow of happiness and joy throughout your being, uplifting your spirit. This exceptional crystal resonates harmoniously with all your chakras, allowing for a well-rounded and balanced energy system. It specifically focuses on healing any issues related to the Heart Chakra, promoting emotional well-being and enhancing your capacity to give and receive love.

Strawberry Crystal is a unique variety of quartz, distinguished by its vibrant red color. This delightful hue is due to the crystal's inclusions of other minerals, which create a stunning visual display reminiscent of a ripe, luscious strawberry.

Discover the numerous benefits that the Strawberry Crystal Healing Stone has to offer:

  • Alleviates stress, depression, and worry, allowing you to experience inner peace and tranquility.
  • Settles turbulent emotions, helping you find emotional stability and balance in all areas of your life.

Immerse yourself in the exceptional features of this crystal:

  • 100% natural crystal, ensuring its authenticity and true healing properties.
  • Exquisitely hand-polished to perfection, providing a smooth and comforting surface to hold and treasure.

Notes: The wooden bracket shown in the images is not included with the purchase.

Weight and Size:

  • Weight: 60-65g
  • Size: 32-35mm

Add the Strawberry Crystal Healing Stone to your collection and embark on a journey of natural health, heightened focus, and spiritual growth. Let its powerful love vibration envelop you, bringing forth a sense of happiness, joy, and emotional harmony throughout your life.

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